“I always feel good when I’m alone.”“Do you avoid people?”“No, I’m usually around people, but I like to observe more than I like to talk. It forces me to pay more attention than most people. And I always trust my intuition. I know when I’m around the right people, and I know when I’m not.”

She was walking towards me with the same smile and looked as if she wanted to hug me.“Why are you so happy?”“I’m always happy with people. I love my people in America and all over the world. I think they’re so beautiful!”“And where are you from?”“Paraguay.”

“Just the other day a gentleman stopped me and asked me why I wear the hijab. He thought I was forced to wear it, or it was because of the way I was raised and—for lack of a better word—brainwashed. I explained to him that we are raised with certain values, but other than that, parents encourage their children to do their own research and find what works for them. This is my choice. My parents actually weren’t very happy with it. On the other hand, my grandmother doesn’t wear the hijab. Her daughters and granddaughters wear it.Still, I understand why people notice it. We are very visual beings. It’s the first thing people see. But if you look at the origin of why women wear it, it’s because they’re very beautiful women. And they try to be muted and understated, and not draw attention to themselves. It’s human nature: When you have something very precious, you want to protect it. You want to cover it.I also think it’s a shame that we tend to focus on the differences between us. There are more similarities than differences. If you look at Christianity, for instance, in every single visual representation of the Virgin Mary she is covering her head. By the way, as Muslims, we do believe in the Virgin Mary. We have a whole chapter in the Quran devoted to her and what a strong woman she was. My grandmother’s name is Mariam, which comes from Mary, and she was named after the Virgin Mary because she was born on Christmas Day.  She is Muslim, and her parents were Muslim, but that’s how much respect we have for Mary as a woman. She is actually one of my favorite historical figures. No one had to deal with more hardships than she did. I come from a long line of strong women. I look at the Virgin Mary, and she looks like me and dresses like me. I feel very inspired by her.”

“A lot of people think Mexico is bad. People here say, ‘Oh, don’t go to Mexico! It’s terrible.’ The British and the French put things in the newspapers, ‘Don’t go to Mexico. It’s corrupt.’ Mexico is this, Mexico is that. Stop saying that! Look at this young guy here asking for money. I can say America is bad. If you want to see what Mexico is really like, come see for yourself. Mexico is great. We are waiting for you guys with open arms.”

“I first saw her at a party, and I couldn’t focus on anything but her. Then a fight broke out, and a guy pulled out a knife and everything. I was trying to keep my eyes on her, but I lost her. I stood there looking for her until I finally heard her voice. I turned around, and she was behind me. I said, ‘Oh, what are you doing here?’”“I was hiding behind him the whole time.”

“I’m looking at all these tall buildings, pressed so tightly against each other, and I’m wondering what this does to people. I’m thinking about the imagination it takes to do this kind of thing and think it’s healthy. I just feel an intense pressure. There is hardly any room to see or to breathe.”

“We met in the United States, but he was born in China, and I was born in Germany. We met in the middle, and now we are making a life together in Boston. Only in a society like this could we meet and fall in love.”

“We are a love-at-first-sight couple.  We were married six weeks after we first saw each other.  It’s now been almost five years, and we have a baby on the way.”“Do you think you can describe what love at first sight felt like?”“I always tell a story of a propane explosion inside my sailboat. It’s spherical and round—the explosion. That’s the analogy I use to describe the moment I felt Elizabeth. It wasn’t so much a direct eye contact. It was more like a full body and soul explosion of excitement and fear and everything in an instant.”“Fear that she might not feel the same way about you?”“No. Fear of the unknown.”“But you knew she was the one?”“I did not know. I didn’t know anything for a change.”“And I felt the same way about him. It was magical. I felt very drawn to him, but I didn’t know for what reason. Then we started talking.”“The moment I knew it was our first conversation. Some things were fulfilled: physical attractions, style. We knew we were friends for a little bit. Then one day I invited her to the beach. I thought, ‘I don’t know what this is going to be, but we have a connection. I just don’t know what it is. Then we talked on the beach, and everything else was fulfilled, including the intellect. It was all there. Completely. And it wasn’t subjective to ideas. It took them all away. It took away everything I thought I knew. That was the exciting part: the fear and the beginning of a new life where I didn’t know there was one. Because I didn’t know life before meeting her. I was telling Elizabeth, ‘Oh, back then this, back then that.’ What a waste of time! Life is so fulfilled now. It’s about sharing.  It’s only part of what you know until you have someone to share it with. And we know that very well.  We are together—working together, living together, all the time. We hate being apart. We are very lucky. I wish everyone could have that.”“It’s not easy all the time, but we go with our heart. We don’t go so much with our minds or with common sense. We go with what our heart tells us. It’s how we met. It’s why we met.”“We work hard for it. We don’t live poshy lives. We both fish together for oysters and clams. Sometimes I have to go fishing for days, and I miss my wife. But there is really no easy way to do it. Love isn’t about convenience or the right time. Most people I know have a list of things in life. It’s career, freedom, experiences; then, partner, house, children and all that. We don’t really do that, even though we can. We are doing everything now and celebrating every moment.”


take a deep breath and repeat after me:

  • i am not a letter grade
  • i am not a gpa
  • i am not a statistic
  • i am not just a student
  • i am good at something
  • i am more than what an institution tells me i am

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